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Transform your outdoor space with our personalised garden services

Moutan Gardens, based in Odiham Hampshire is the go-to professional service dedicated to transforming outdoor spaces into places of beauty which can be enjoyed throughout the seasons.

Our comprehensive services include bespoke garden planting design, plant sourcing and soft landscaping as well as our online garden shop which offers a selection of high-quality garden furniture and accessories.

Let Moutan Gardens create your dream garden oasis!

Plant Sourcing

Planting Design

Soft Landscaping

Garden Shop

Plant Sourcing

Sourcing the very best plants and trees from accredited and licenced suppliers within the UK and Europe.

We’re dedicated to finding the perfect and highest quality specimens for your garden!

Our plant sourcing service includes:

Personal shopping and sourcing of plants
Quality control and licence checking
Delivery to site ready for planting

For our clients who have opted for our garden plant design service or who require several large specimen plants/trees, we offer a personal visit with you to the nursery, so we can take time, together, to select the very best for your garden.

Planting Design

The key to a successful garden is all in the design!

Our comprehensive design service starts with our on-site consultation. It’s the perfect opportunity for us to see your current garden and to discuss many points with you such as, how you envisage spending time in it, what works, what you’d like to change, colour schemes, and the amount of input you’d like to spend on maintaining your garden.

It also allows us to start the very important process of investigating factors such as, aspect, soil type, drainage and prevailing winds which will be taken into account when designing your garden planting scheme.

Our garden planting design service includes:

Free garden consultation
Planting plans with lasting structure
Plant sourcing
Soil preparation
Planting and soft landscaping

Our dedicated team is ready to create a plan for you which adds beauty, dynamism, and energy to your garden!

Soft Landscaping

Softening the landscape, creating interest throughout the seasons.

Every soft element within a garden, from turf and trees, to flowers and bulbs, help to soften the landscape, add structure and interest. And successful gardens see all these elements working in beautiful harmony!

Our bespoke soft landscaping service is tailored to your requirements, often complementing our other garden services.

These include:

Planting shrubs and trees
Laying turf & establishing lawns
Planting garden borders
Mulching & soil management
Landscaping around a pond
Annual bedding plants
Potted flowers and plants
Cutting back perennials

If it’s time to restore the harmony to your soft landscaping, our dedicated garden team are ready to help!